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Vauxhall Car Breakers- The Best Choice to Buy Good Quality Vauxhall Spares

Welcome to Car Breakers North West. We sell genuine and guaranteed spares and parts at affordable rates at our Vauxhall breaking yard. From engines and exhaust systems to windows and wing mirrors, we have them all! To know more about the Vauxhall models ready for breaking, call us directly, or enter the make and model on the search bar, or visit us at our Vauxhall breakers yard
Vauxhall is undoubtedly the most popular car brand in the UK and hence it isn’t difficult to find dealers selling original spares and replacement parts. But good quality, used or reconditioned spares are hard to find. Replacement parts are good, but they cannot compare to the original.
Here’s why you should choose to buy spares from us?
• We’re well stocked:
Car Breakers North West maintains a steady stock of hundreds of cars including the Corsa, Vectra, Nova and the Astra ready for breaking. Our contact with major insurance companies also ensures that you have access to almost any spare part irrespective of the model and year of manufacture.
• Our prices are affordable:
You don’t have to break the bank just to be able to afford a genuine spare part. Our prices are 70% cheaper than what most used car dealers quote in the UK.
• We’ll ship your material directly to your doorsteps:
Within the UK, it takes around 24 hours for you to receive your spare part delivered to you. Our mail order team ensures that all orders are dispatched for next day delivery. If you live outside the UK, your order may take time to reach you,
but you can be assured that they’re neatly packaged.
• We’ll refund you the money if you aren’t happy with the purchase:
All our Vauxhall car parts carry the Car Breakers North West stamp of guarantee. And if you aren’t happy with the product, send it to us within seven days of purchase and we’ll refund your money.
• Experienced:
We have more than a decade of experience in the salvage market and can easily identify a genuine from a fake. Our professional Vauxhall breakers can also help you choose the right spare from the hundreds of parts available at the yard.
Contact us NOW for some great products and unmatched customer service experience.