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Looking for a Car Scraper in Manchester? Call us Now and Get the Best Price for your Car Instantly

Welcome to Ours is the right place to be if you are looking for reliable buyers offering a good price for your old car. Here’s why car owners should choose to dispose their old vehicles through us:

We’re licensed and insured:

Although there are many car scrappers advertising their business on local newspapers, not much is known about them besides their mobile numbers. These dealers could sell your car without notifying the DVLA and inadvertently land you in trouble with the law.We’re licensed, insured and a member of the Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association (or other association that the dealer is a member of).

Free collection service:

We’ll not only collect your car for free, but we’ll also pay you for this. This is ideal if you are starved of time or if the car isn’t working. And to make this easier, we’ll sort out all the paperwork when we come to collect the car.

Local collection centre:

You can also choose to drop your car at our Manchester collection centre. Just call us for directions and one of our customer service staff will guide you to our place. We also manage a successful car breaking business; hence the vehicles collected at our place is recycled quickly and sold with minimum fuss.

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Why Should You Choose Car Breakers Northwest
  • Best prices paid for scrap cars and vans
  • All paperwork correctly completed and taken care of
  • Same day FREE collection
  • Professional registered company with all legal licenses