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Suzuki Swift Breakers

Suzuki Swift Car Parts Breaking

We are breaking Swift models for used car parts and spares.

Welcome to Car Breakers Northwest. We sell used car parts at affordable prices at our Suzuki Swift breakers yard.

From gearboxes, used engines, headlights, rear lights to alternators, we have them all.

We stock the full range of the Suzuki Swift car including the latest current year model. Car Breakers Northwest is a long-standing company and maintains good relations with used car distributors and insurance companies. This allows us to add new and old models in our breaking section.

To order a product, just call us over the phone or send us an email with your enquiry. You can also visit our Suzuki Swift car breakers yard. To know if a particular model that you are looking for sale is lined up for breaking, enter details of the car on the search bar.

Why Should You Choose Car Breakers Northwest?
• 30-day minimum guarantee
• 7-day money back policy
• 10+ years of experience in the industry
• Cheapest price in the UK
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